Liz Ogumbo Fashion -  MIN CLUTCH
Liz Ogumbo Fashion -   MIN CLUTCH
The 'Min' Round Woven Clutch
Liz Ogumbo Fashion -  Vintage Fashion - MIN CLUTCH 2

Liz Ogumbo Fashion

The 'Min' Round Woven Clutch

Regular price R 850.00

The 'Min' Round Woven Clutch is a hand-made clutch carefully crafted by the Eswatini women through a mix of woven Lutindzi grass and African print fabric.


The Lutindzi grass is crafted into a long rope, using the traditional method of plaiting and then woven into desired shapes using the traditional weaving methods that have been passed from generation to generation; a source of pride and identity to every Swazi woman. Around the woven grass shape, the African print fabric is hand-sewn. 


The whole process is done by a single woman from start to finish, and every piece must pass rigorous quality control at each stage guaranteeing you a durable fashionable item.enhancing the lives of over 20 women from informal settlements around towns in Swaziland

The bags are fully lined in #LizOgumboSafari print and accessorised with a variety of various hand-made beads and leather tassels.

 You can throw in your laptop, ipad, heels, books and anything you need to take you from day-2-night while still keeping your chic.



Circumference - 17 inches

Base Width - 6 inches

For wholesale orders, (minimum of 12 bags) you get 10% off. 

For orders above 30 units, you get an extra discount. Feel free to contact us for wholesale orders.


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#ImveloEswatini enhances the lives of over 20 women from informal settlements around towns in Swaziland.