Seme Oil Burner
Seme Oil Burner
Seme Oil Burner

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Seme Oil Burner

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Everyday life happens as long as you are alive to experience it. What makes a great difference in my day within my space is not just the ambient music and great wine, but just as importantly as my general ambience; ambience that could either elevate my presence and productivity or numb it.

Because I gotta have the right aromas flowing though my space, I use oil/scented stone burners in just about every room in my house and it makes all the difference.

Elevate your aromatherapy through this classic glazed-ceramic oil burner that will keep your ambient fragrance vibrant from day-2-night.



  • Pour a little water followed by a drop or 2 of your essential oil onto the burner. You can also throw in use this burner to diffuse scent from your scented stones/simmering granules. (No need to add water for this option)
  • Light your tea-light candle and place it under the dip (that carries the mix of water and oil) to allow the scent to diffuse into your ambient space.
  • Hand-wash if/when you need to.

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