DeniMania Reversible 'Abstract'  Skirt
DeniMania Reversible 'Abstract'  Skirt
DeniMania Reversible 'Abstract'  Skirt

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DeniMania Reversible 'Abstract' Skirt

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Reversible 'Abstract' DeniMania Skirt - It's every skirt-in-one..

It's volume, structure, geometry, fun, and denim all-in-one package. This convertible abstract skirt is fully lined using bold African Prints (100                       5 Cotton) and crafted with special attention to mould the skirt into a bell-shape while keeping its form and structure in place to expose the sass & play out of you.

The skirt is convertible because you can wear it inside-out when you really wanna show off the print, or vice-versa if all you wanna share is the spirit of DeniMania.

The preferred length of this skirt is 24 inches long, however if you require slightly shorter or longer length, please indicate your preferred length when you place your order. 

Zipper os two-sided. 

Hemline is embellished with additional denim off cuts to bring in an element of 'ruff'

Very Important : Please indicate your waist measurements in inches or cm.


Additionals for special order (additional costs included)

The Jacket:

This Liz Ogumbo Jacket is a tailored denim jacket that minimizes fuss while accentuating your waistline and bringing a dressy appeal to the denim jacket.


The Beaded crop top:

This beaded crop top is a plus and takes this look from day-2-night effortlessly. We have used blue and gold beads for this showcase, however we are able to customize the crop top using red and gold beads or off white based on your choice.


If you are interested in this limited edition 3-pieces ensemble on a set price off-the-runway, kindly contact us at and we will accomodate your style needs.