DeniMania Naivasha Jeans
DeniMania Naivasha Jeans
DeniMania Naivasha Jeans

Liz Ogumbo Fashion

DeniMania Naivasha Jeans

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The Liz Ogumbo Denim Collection is a classic collection of well-tailored quality denim;  collaboration between the Liz Ogumbo Fashion Brand Ennui NYC under the Fashion Lab Africa umbrella to exhaust the best of both worlds; The Liz Ogumbo style aesthetic & the Ennui NYC value chain from concept, development through distribution.

This collection employs wardrobe versatility through the variety of styles available in this collection while Liz flirts with a variety of different colors, textures and styles for the day-2-day dames,This denim line is curated from a carefully selected variety of denim made to suit different body types and lifestyles. The focus on excellent tailoring and craftsmanship to achieve classic cuts means careful consideration goes into how each garment finally fits, bringing to life one-of-a-kind appeal through timeless-yet unique denim collection.



  • Back patch pockets
  • Wide-leg
  • Front pockets

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