BeaDazzled Nyota (Basic - Front/Back)
BeaDazzled Nyota (Basic - Front/Back)

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BeaDazzled Nyota (Basic - Front/Back)

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BeaDazzled Nyota (Basic - Front) is a body jewelry focusing on the neck area that runs 35- layers down the neck hand-beaded out of glass beads.

You can wear her from front-to back or back-to-front

She is versatile but very delicate so be sure to take her to really special outings.

Once we have received your payment, We will contact you to finalize your order.

Order Process:

1. Send us your measurements

  • Neck length & width

2. Bead Colour Selection: If you prefer a different base colour, please let us know and we can customize according to your needs.

3. Once your order details are signed off, we start the process.

Delivery time is 2-5-weeks from sign-off date.