Safari Collection

This collection employs wardrobe versatility using with a friendly styling clash Juxtaposing the stripes, checkered prints & animal prints styled with heavily textured bold prints using teals & fuschia, royal purple colour while representing the heart of African inexpressible chic. While Liz flirts with a variety of different hints of prints, textures & tints, the collaboration of these prints brings to life one-of-a-kind ‘juxtaposition’ appeal through her unique styling detail.
High-Waisted slim tailored pants, Collared-shirts, Front slit ‘Hi-Lo’ dresses and skirts, Victorian-inspired bralettes for the day-to-day dames, Classic fitted well-tailored cropped jackets and intricate hand-beaded-Body-Jewelry. Textures through the fun prints and volumetric form through the ‘stuffed’ maxi & mini tiered skirts all make this collection worth looking forward to. This African Girl is on a journey.
Safari, translated into English means a journey. She is exploring the continent and beyond and taking her sass, her chic, her style, her vibrance everywhere with her.
Every piece she wears is versatile; easy to style in several ways with different tops/bottoms to achieve different looks.
This collection employs a few colors such as black & white, yellow, purple, green, fuschia, and gold undertones through the embroidery and hand-beaded pieces.
Liz’s clothing is recognized for its whimsical flair, with touches of both elegance and playfulness through influences from her music and African culture. Her jackets and bag linings normally feature her album lyrics and despite her meticulous detail, her fashion brand still retails for less than her competitors.

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