As an extension of my “Blues and print,” the Liz Ogumbo signature  “Boubou”dress is already a must have but what makes it even more necessary is the ability to buy all 10 of the same style and then wear them differently by switching your layers and accessories all year and season round.

During one of my trips to Ghana about 12 years ago, I got to experience Osu Market and horned into acquiring every bit of inspiration I could bring back to my design world in pursuit to further enrich my Style offering to you.

Combining the style in which my mum and aunties wear there traditional bubu dresses while lounging at home or cooking in the kitchen with the inspiration drawn from my #OsuMarket experience, my #Boubou came to life.

This signature boubou concept was birthed with the intention to give you an easy-yet-sophisticated look and feel while allowing you the freedom to still accentuate your beautiful waistline through the belt which you can tie to the back, tie to back and back to front depending on how you feel.

The bouboulicious capsule collection comes in a variety of fabric (100% Cotton, Cotton-lycra & Chiffon and available in a variety of prints to suit your needs from Monday- to -Sunday needs.
This boubou dress & skirt are '1-size-fits-all' due to the draw-belt on the boubou skirt and the regular belt on the dress that you can pull and tie to the back or to the back and back tot he front according to your comfort/style level. It is a timeless staple that never goes out of style so throw on your heels or sandals and your hand painted & Intricately carved-out wooden chunky bangles and GO!

Visit for more on bouboulicious and get yourself a piece of this boubou-pie while stocks last.


PS: If you are based in Kenya, get yours from 'TDS' The Designer Studio, Two Rivers Mall, Nairobi Kenya.